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Leisure Scans Is Now Disbanded. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this far.
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March 2018
Leisure Scan / Basement Leisure's Status
Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:20 am by silvrwind
Ok, so I thought I'd post something to let you know the current status with LS/BL. Maybe I've been too desperate, and picked staff up hastily. Those who do absolutely nothing know what I'm talking about, and those who work know how grateful I am to you guys.

You guys know which category you belong to.

I currently have 6-7 chapters translated, in desperate need of editing. About half of that is already cleaned, waiting to be typesetted. My typesetters are gone, without a single trace. I keep getting "I'll hand it to you asap" yet two weeks later I have absolutely no contact from them whatsoever.

I need editors, I need cleaners, I need typesetters. Hell, I need a whole new bunch of staff that will actually work. Leisure Scans started out to bring people manga at a leisurely pace, but leisurely doesn't mean snail.

I'm currently editing all the manga we have now by myself. I am not saying I'm not grateful to some of the staff. On the contrary, I am extremely grateful. You guys are the sole reason that Leisure Scans and Basement Leisure are still going on.

The translators have all worked extremely hard. But I get the feeling that the lack of release from the work they translated is getting to them, discouraging them. I can only do so much by myself in the editing department.

My staff have been disappearing, slowly but gradually. I need people to work with, I can't run this alone. I've been putting this off, stalling, hoping that the staff would come back and actually work. I've been hoping that they would actually turn in work, but to no avail.

To all the leechers, this is the reason that you have no release. I have been too lenient, and I am sorry for that.

So this is my decision. I am "firing" all the staff. Those who are still dedicated and wish to continue with me, please PM me. I'm tired of running after inactive people, literally begging them to work while they do absolutely nothing.

And yes, some may call me a hypocrite, saying I do no work myself, and that I am all talk, or even that I'm heartless, but I believe that using this method, I will be able to gather those that are dedicated, so that I can rely on them, instead of those that aren't.

Newcomers, please do apply if you want to help. I am always in need of help.

Leisure Scans/Basement Leisure isn't a solo, or two/three men team guys. There's only so much a small group can handle by themselves.

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