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Leisure Scans Is Now Disbanded. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this far.
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 Ongoing Projects

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~*Sinful Angels*~
~*Sinful Angels*~

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PostSubject: Ongoing Projects   Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:28 pm


Romansu ni Tsutaete

Summary: 4 Stories
She works at a daycare center or kindergarten, and unknown to her colleagues she used to be a much feared female gang leader. ^-^ Also, the heroine has good vibes about a certain male colleague. One fine day, she meets an ex-male gang leader who knows her past...and events start unraveling from there.

For the second story, it's set in the daycare/kindergarten too. The main character is one of the kids in the kindergarten, and he has a secret which he is afraid to let other people know, especially his beloved teacher. (The heroine is his beloved teacher.)

Story #3
The main heroine is a 16 year-old girl. Her father is a scientist and always invents some weird things. What's more, he claims that he came from another planet! All these drive the poor heroine crazy ^-^ But at least now her love life is going fine...until the day 2 guys from outer space land on Earth, wanting to find out more about the 'Love disease'! Perhaps her father has not been lying after all?

Status: Cleaning

The Lover of A Devil

Summary: Consists of a collection of four short stories.

Story 1)
The main girl gets entangled with a guy well-known as, "The Devil". After he saves her from the grasp of some guys she got into trouble with, a contract is made. As part of the contract, she belongs to the "Devil." What will become of this poor girl? Dinner for the devil himself? Or will she find something else?

Story 4)
Tsubasa has gotten tickets to Daita's magic show...but she's lost them! She desperately wants to see the Prince of Magic, so she sneaks in backstage to attend it! However, things don't always work out, she runs into Daita, the magician himself catches her, and to keep him quiet, she agrees to be his assistant for the time being.

Status: Translating

Diamond Kiss

Summary: Takiko was inferior over her look and height. She always envy sher best friend Mika who got what it takes to capture a guy's heart. One day she meets someone who eventually becomes her love of her life, however her grandparent objects this relationship due to...? 

Status: Translating

Soul Mate

Dana is a warm-minded active and sometimes clumsy girl. Even though Dana is late for her first class in high school, she feels happy to be a friend of Je-ah, a talented girl. As dana gets to know Je.ahs misfortune, she aslo confesses her secret first love, In-woo, to her. Je-ah is so supportive and everything seems good for dana until Je-ah agreed to date In woo without a moments heisitation when he asked. Moreover, Je ah's cousin says Je-ah is changed because of dana. What does he mean? And what are the mysterious dreams Dana always has?

Status: Translating - cleaned
*Note* I got permission from Meg to do this series~

Ichi Tasu Ichi

It's about a girl who falls in love with her little brother. She thinks it's bad, but after a while the two of them find out they aren't blood related. -Lovers Dream-

Status: Joint with Lovers Dream.

Toriko Aigan Shoujo

The epic story of a little girl named Shinju being brought up by an aristocrat. He took care of her, raised her and trained her properly. Only that's not all he wants from her. What could he possibly want?

Status: Translated - editing

Sakura Tsuushin

From ANN:
A Keio College (top notch Tokyo college) exam candidate, Touma Inaba, is interupted when a cute young girl, Urara Kasuga, arrives at his hotel room door. She later turns out to be his cousin who he barely remembers from his childhood. Urara, who had felt something special for him (an other-than-cousinly-love), invites Touma to live with her since he has no place to stay other than the hotel room. Before taking the test, Touma meets Meiko Yotsuba, a beautiful, sophisticated woman also trying to get into Keio. Meiko gets into Keio but Touma does not, due to a cold Urara had given him shortly before. Although he did not make it, he pretends he does to earn the respect of Meiko. Touma is caught up in a love triangle with Urara and Meiko, while struggling to keep Meiko believing he's really a Keio student and still be there for Urara at the same time.

Status: Joint with EMS. Translating/Editing
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~*Lazy Leechers*~
~*Lazy Leechers*~

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PostSubject: Re: Ongoing Projects   Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:49 am

Soul Mate i like this serie
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Ongoing Projects
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