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Leisure Scans Is Now Disbanded. Thanks to everyone who has supported us this far.
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 Farewell~ And maybe a new start for all of us?

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~*Elegant Goddesses*~
~*Elegant Goddesses*~

Number of posts : 261
Location : Saa~ Somewhere nice and quiet with tons of bishies xD
Registration date : 2009-02-19

PostSubject: Farewell~ And maybe a new start for all of us?   Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:23 pm

Hey Everybody,

I know Leisure Scans was never the most active group out there. And I know our releases were slow, and of crappy quality, but we did try our best. The staff and I have been really busy, either with laziness or school, or just life in general. I respect that, and as much as it pains me, I have come to a conclusion. Leisure Scans is closing and disbanding. All projects will be free for public to pick up EXCEPT for Toriko Aigan Shoujo, 1+1 (we will finish translating that and handing the tls over to Lovers Dream), and Soul Mate. I will be finishing the rest of those projects, so they are off-limits. Thanks to all those who have been following us so far!


P.S To my staff, this journey was a long, and fun one. I had lots of fun with all of you, and I hate that we have to part like this, but I am grateful to all of you who helped, or at least attempted to. Hopefully some of you will keep in touch ^^

Current Jobs:
Diamond Kiss Chapter 2b - 25%
Romansu Story 4 - ...10%? XD
Soul Mate: *Waiting on the tls* 80% complete
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~*Elegant Goddesses*~
~*Elegant Goddesses*~

Number of posts : 201
Location : Mongolia
Registration date : 2009-04-11

PostSubject: Re: Farewell~ And maybe a new start for all of us?   Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:33 am

I know I haven't been the most helpful staff, but I had fun when I was here. I liked the forum, really, and was said to live on it by others. However, I have been unable to come to LS/BL because of my unfortunate going ons, I am sad for that.

To be honest, i was shocked when I got the e-mail form LS. I didn't think that i wouldn't be able to clean even a single chapter for LS (I truly wanted to, but I was not too confident in myself as was I in my translating). Although, I think that deep down, I knew LS was going to be brought down soon; one would know when her niece/nephew is going to..*ahem* pass away.

i also hope that everyone, all the active members, and all the staff owuld keep in touch. I also hope to see some of you guys in other scanlation groups and read your 'products'. Cool

As awesome as it was to be here with all of you guys, even though unfortunate, it has come to an end.

Sincerely, Madeleine (Ren, if you must).

Thank you
Shiori - for accepting me as a translator without even testing me (0-0V) and being an awesome boss. XD And also giving me power over the graphics area. And a bunch of other stuff (i still thank you for that grimmichi you got for me form LJ).
Flak - For giving me free PS CS4, talking to me at night when I was lonely (you probably don't know that), and adding sigs on the graphics section.
Yuriko - For letting me be Yuriko
Satoshi - For humoring me with your sarcastic and surprisingly...nvm.
Uta - For sort of talking to me and always lettign me know that you are alive. ^^ Also for helping me with the names.
TsukiNoHikari - For being my graphics buddy in that particular section that belonged to me.
Namimi - For being badass and talking to me when I am bored, and also making 'how to make friends' plots. ^^
Choochoo - For making me laugh by saying "I still don't get what you guys are saying" and also for praising me and my graphics ^^
Mi-chan - For being nice to me and working hard (i tried ot be a good co-admin)
Minime - For sometimes popping out of nowhere and sending glee down my throat.
Yarin -For awesomely explaining why you couldn't do work (it was awesome!)
All the staff - Thanks for awesomely cooperating with me (it doesn't matter if we never worked on a proj. together before).
Everyone who posted in the Intro section and was greated by me - Thanks for being greeted by me and replying to my odd replies.
All the members - Thank you for joining LS/BL !

Well, that's all the people I have really sort of known (or not), and I really had a fun time working with you all!

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Farewell~ And maybe a new start for all of us?
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